Agricultural Land Preservation

farmpres_plaqueThrough the Agricultural Land Preservation Program, the district works with local farmers, Lebanon County Commissioners, and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Farmland Preservation, to help preserve farmland in Lebanon County.

By voluntarily selling or donating agricultural conservation easements, the landowner prevents development of the land for purposes other than agricultural production, while retaining ownership.

Landowners who prefer a non-profit approach to preserving agricultural lands may contact the Lebanon Valley Conservancy, Inc.

In 2017, LCCD Celebrated 25 Years of Agricultural Land Preservation. Watch a short video about the program here

Benefits of Agricultural Land Preservation

  • Protects land for future farm generations.
  • Maintains agriculture, which employs 2 out of every 5 people in Lebanon County.
  • Ensures farming is more affordable for future generations.
  • Assures that land is available to produce our food supply.
  • Keeps demand for public services lower, and taxes needed to support these services lower.
  • Encourages soil and water conservation.
  • Preserves farm culture.
  • Retains open space, aesthetics and quality of life.
  • Qualifies eligible farms for potential tax incentive. Please check with your accountant.

Requirements for Lebanon County Ag. Land Preservation Program

The farmland tract must:

  1. Be located in your municipality’s Agricultural Security Area.
  2. Contain at least 50% of soils which are available for agricultural production and are of capability classes I-IV.
  3. Contain 50% harvested crop land, pasture lands or grazing lands.
  4. Be at least 50 contiguous acres in size unless a minimum of 10 acres is of a unique crop or adjoining an attached perpetual agricultural conservation easement.

Agricultural Land Preservation Facts

Total Number of Easements: 171

Total Acres of Agricultural Land Preserved: 19,150.05 acres

Data by Municipality

Data current as of January 3, 2020

Municipality ACE* Acreage
Bethel 10 1421.66
Cleona 1 77.27
Cornwall 3 228.44
East Hanover 2 187.92
Heidelberg 11 1120.67
Jackson 12 1125.47
Millcreek 11 1556.25
North Annville 8 1218.84
North Cornwall 9 1145.29
North Lebanon 13 1497.18
North Londonderry 1 179.19
Richland 1 64.98
South Annville 34 3663.62
South Lebanon 26 2568.83
South Londonderry 12 1486.88
Swatara 3 698.47
Union 0 69.67
West Cornwall 3 676.19
Out of County 0 163.24

Note: Some farms cross municipal boundaries. Where this happens the easement is only counted once in the municipality with the most acreage.

*ACE = Agricultural Conservation Easement

Lebanon County Agricultural Land Preservation Appeal

Appeals run 2/1/19 through 1/31/20

2018 Pledges and Donations……$232,072

Thank You to the County Commissioners, local municipalities,
and individuals who have generously pledged/donated to the
Lebanon County Agricultural Land Preservation Program.




With one
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* Protect and Conserve Lebanon County Agricultural Land for the Future
* Educate people about Lebanon County Natural Resources

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Lebanon County Agricultural Land FOREVER!


Secured Food Production
Improved Water Quality
Increased Water Quantity
Protection of our Agricultural Heritage
Reduced Harmful Impacts of Stormwater
Provides Agricultural Related Jobs
Enhanced Wildlife Resources
Improved Quality of Life

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